Current Campaigns

  • TB Biomass Conversion

    The Society of Energy Professionals advocates for the conversion of the Thunder Bay Generating Station from coal to biomass. Goal generation, as part of the province-wide off-coal program initiated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, was to end within the next year at Thunder Bay GS. To support northern economic development, preserve jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conversion to biomass is essential.

  • Together FAIRNESS WORKS!

    When workers get together and stand up for fairness, they get results. Together, working people have won decent wages, safer workplaces, fair treatment and benefits like paid vacation time, job training, and insurance coverage for things like glasses, dental care, and medicine that keep them healthy and productive.When workers get together and stand up for fairness, they get results.

  • Bargaining Rights for Legal Aid Lawyers

    Legal Aid lawyers want the right, just like other public sector lawyers, to collectively bargain with their employer. Legal Aid lawyers want The Society and IFPTE as their bargaining agent.

  • The Rich and the Rest of Us

    Don’t stand by while politicians decide on public service cuts that could hurt your family and community. In this crucial time, your voice has extraordinary power. Make sure you use it. Join our campaign and make sure the politicians hear your voice about the value of public services, the need for tax fairness, and an end to income inequality.

  • Stop Offshoring

    The Offshoring campaign represents a tremendous success for our members, and highlights the importance of our ability to participate in political advocacy activities beyond traditional bargaining and grievances. Together we ensured that good jobs in IT and customer service remain in Ontario. Read President Scott Travers’s message to members on this important victory by clicking More.

  • OPA Organizing Campaign

    On Thursday, November 28th, OPA employees voted overwhelmingly to join The Society of Energy Professionals. With a strong 76% vote in favour, OPA employees will now have the opportunity to begin the process of making improvements to their workplace and negotiate their first collective agreement.

  • No to Bill C-377!

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper is trying to make every union’s finances open to government and employers to prevent unions from effectively serving their members’ best interests. Harper would have you think that unions are accountable to no one. This couldn’t be further from the truth. From setting annual budgets to adopting year-end audited financial statements, every union is democratically accountable to its members. This is just another trick in the Harper playbook to hurt the livelihoods of working people.


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