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Society Launches Constitutional Referendum

March 27, 2024

At our Society Council meeting this past October, Society Council Delegates voted to recommend five important changes to the Constitution that will help our union run more smoothly and ensure that Society members get the best possible representation, no matter the size of their workplace.

As a member-led, democratic organization, any changes to our union’s Constitution must be voted on by all members in the form of a referendum.

Starting April 2nd, Society members will be asked to vote online on whether to adopt the five recommended changes to the Constitution.

Specifically, the five recommended changes are about:

  1. Clarifying the nomination and election of Audit Committee members
  2. Enabling the creation of Composite Locals
  3. Formalizing a process for the appointment of “acting” elected positions
  4. Defining a “member in good standing”
  5. Enabling a fair dues structure for the Society’s Ontario Energy Board Local

The success of the referendum will depend on members like you.

Over the month of March, we will be holding membership meetings, in-person and online. At these meetings we will be introducing and explaining these important constitutional changes that were recommended by the Society’s elected leadership and why they matter to the smooth functioning of your union.

Voting begins April 2, and will run for at least 15 business days. Members will receive a link by email to the Society’s Simply Voting system prior to the start of the voting period.

We have set up a referendum website that contains useful information, frequently asked questions, and links to sign-up for member information sessions. We will be keeping the page populated with useful resources to help members make an informed vote.

Visit the website here:

If you have any additional questions, please contact your Local Delegate, Unit Director, or Local Vice-President. You can also email [email protected] with any quesitons.

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