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Professionals with Disabilities Committee

The Professionals with Disabilities Committee works to advance the interests of persons with disabilities and injured workers within the Society, employer workplaces and the communities where we live and work. 

The committee's mandate is to provide a forum to discuss and identify cultural, economic, social and career-related issues impacting members with a disability in the workplace, with an aim to incorporate these issues into Society Policies and provide recommendations for improvements to collective agreement language. 

The committee strives to exchange information with persons with disabilities and injured workers, and with the general membership about relevant programs and issues of interest and engage in outreach to persons with disabilities and their allies to disseminate information and encourage participation of all members. 

The committee also works to help ensure employers do not discriminate based on a disability or a perceived disability and assists the union by providing elected representatives with tools to help eliminate this employer practice. 


Committee Chair: Jeff Orman
Committee email: [email protected]