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Pensioners Chapter

Pensioners’ Chapter of the Society of United Professionals (Local 160 of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers) was formed in 2005 to advocate for retirees, both within the Society and beyond.  We currently have over 1000 members.  The Executive (pictured above) runs the Chapter, but depends on other volunteers to expand what we can do, and periodically asks all members to promote our aims, often in the political arena.


The prime objective of the Chapter is to protect the interests of the Society’s pensioners and of the Society itself, especially pensions and health & dental benefits.  We listen to members and act on your concerns within the Society and externally.

Over the years, the Chapter has gained three representation rights within the Society:

  • Grievances – through Society locals
  • Bargaining – Chapter input into renewal bargaining preparations
  • Pensions – invitation to pension meetings with management

Work Plan

The Chapter organizes its work on your behalf through a number of activities (currently 19) grouped under:

  • Advocacy, Internal
  • Advocacy, External
  • Member Services
  • Communications
  • Organizational Capacity

Our two key projects cover Pension Protection and Benefits.

We work with external organizations to further our aims, principally Congress of Union Retirees of Canada (CURC)and Canadian Federation of Pensioners (CFP).


Membership is open to:

  • retirees (or surviving spouses) of any Society bargaining unit
  • those who left the Society before retirement (Associate Member)
  • those on LTD or a bridge to retirement (Member Pending Retirement), and
  • Society members who terminated their employment before eligibility for a pension (Member with a Deferred Pension)

If you are not already a Member, please read the  Welcome Letter, and consider completing the Application so your views can be heard and you can receive regular updates of our activities on your behalf. To help you with your retirement, we are offering the opportunity to join the Pensioners’ Chapter like many of your colleagues, and the FIRST YEAR IS FREE for new members.

The annual dues for membership in the Pensioners’ Chapter are $24.00 ($0 for Members Pending Retirement); these dues are waived for your first year of Chapter membership.

(Note: Dues may not be tax-deductible as they are not associated with union work income. The Chapter does not issue receipts for income tax purposes.)


You can contact the Chapter Executive in a number of ways, listed below.  Members will receive bimonthly newsletters.  Members can also participate in defining their Chapter at the Annual General Meeting held each May.

The Society of United Professionals – Pensioners’ Chapter
2239 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, Canada  M4S 2B5

Phone: (416) 979-2709 ext 4000; Toll Free: 1-866-288-1788 ext 4000; Fax: (416) 979-5794

Email: [email protected]

Members Only

If you haven’t already logged in, do so using the top menu so that you can continue to the Pensioners pages shown below.

  • news, notices of campaigns/events/meetings
  • newsletters, bulletins, etc
  • executive, AGM minutes
  • pension and benefits  contacts
  • pension introduction including employer, pension plan contacts; articles & links
  • collective agreement updates
  • external contacts (CURC, CFP etc)
  • advocacy campaigns (BIA/CCAA, elections, Workers’ Rights & Fairness, etc)
  • by-laws, work plan, budget, financials, etc.