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Our Locals

Bruce Power Local

Vice President: Dave Ceksters

This local represents a broad range of professional, technical and supervisory employees at Bruce Power. Bruce Power is Canada's largest private sector nuclear power generator.

Electricity Safety Authority Local

Vice President: Robert Mitchell

This local represents technical and administrative employees of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). ESA enforces electricity safety regulations, licenses electrical contractors, and ensures electrical product safety.

Hydro One Local

Vice President: Vicki Power, [email protected]

This local represents a broad range of technical, administrative and supervisory employees at Hydro One. Hydro One is Ontario's largest electricity transmission and distribution service provider.

Independent Electricity System Operator Local

Vice President: Martin Hastings, [email protected]

This local represents a broad range of employees who work in professional and administrative occupations for the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). IESO is the Crown corporation responsible for operating the electricity market and directing the operation of the bulk electrical system in Ontario.

Kinectrics Local

Vice President: Elan Thomas

This local represents the professional staff of Kinectrics, a company providing engineering, testing, inspection, certification and consulting services to the electricity sector.

Legal Aid Clinics Local

This local represents lawyers and other staff of Aboriginal Legal Services and the Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic. These clinics provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services to designated communities.

Legal Aid Ontario Local

Local Vice-President: Dana Fisher, [email protected]

This local represents duty counsel and other lawyers employed by Legal Aid Ontario (LAO). LAO provides legal aid services to and promotes access to justice for low-income individuals in Ontario.

Local 164

Local Vice-President: Kirk Billings, [email protected]

This local represents professional and technical employees at Ontario-based manufacturers of parts used by Ontario's energy sector. Local 164 members' employers are Andritz Hydro, BWXT Nuclear Canada, and Babcock Wilcox Canada.

National Judicial Institute Local

Vice President: Pascale Ouellette, [email protected]

This local represents the all non-management staff of the National Judicial Institute, which provides professional development training to Canada's judiciary and consults on similar programs internationally.

Nuclear Waste Management Organization Local

Vice President: Mike Borrelli, [email protected]

This local represents professional and technical employees of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, the not-for-profit that is responsible for designing and implementing Canada's plan for the safe, long-term management of used nuclear fuel.

Ontario Energy Board Local

Vice President: Susi Ahlborn, [email protected]

The Society represents all non-management Ontario Energy Board (OEB) employees. OEB is the province's independent energy regulator.

Ontario Power Generation Local

Vice President: Joe Fierro, [email protected]

The Society represents a broad range of professional, technical, administrative and supervisory professionals at Ontario Power Generation (OPG). Wholly owned by the Government of Ontario, OPG is one of the largest energy generation companies in North America.

PowerON Local

For assistance contact Executive Vice-President Chris Graham ([email protected])

The Society represents PowerON employees. PowerON manages the province's electrification projects.

Technical Standards and Safety Authority Local

Vice President: Vacant

This local represents the professional engineers of the Technical Standards and Safety Authority, which is the organization mandated by the Government of Ontario to enforce technical safety regulations and enhance public safety.

Toronto Hydro Local

Local Vice-President: Kosta Lykos, [email protected]

This local represents the engineers and information technology professionals of Toronto Hydro, which is the local distribution company that provides electricity to the city of Toronto.