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Workers’ Rights campaign set to launch

February 3, 2014

The Society is launching a major Workers’ Rights campaign to engage every member in the fight against the anti-worker policies that jeopardize our pensions, wages and communities.

“Municipal, provincial and federal elections are just around the corner,” said EVP Policy Michelle Johnston. “It’s important that members, their families and friends all understand the damage that right-wing political agendas will do to us and all workers with right-to-work legislation.”

“We need our members to become engaged, informed and vote accordingly.”

Launching in mid-February, the campaign has been months in the making. Initiated by a delegate’s motion at the annual Society Council meeting, the campaign is led by Johnston and Keith Rattai (LVP Hydro One). Along with Johnston and Rattai, representatives from every local have contributed to the design and development of campaign messages and materials that are informative and engaging. Videos, leaflets and buttons will accompany a presentation delivered in most Society workplaces by local representatives, along with a dedicated Workers’ Rights page on The Society’s website.

To get involved in the campaign, visit and contact your local representative.

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