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Solidarity Campaigns: Bottles Not Cans, SAMS, Keep Toronto Solid Waste Public

April 10, 2015

As unions from across the labour movement have come to The Society’s side to help efforts to keep Hydro One public, those same unions and others are fighting important campaigns of their own to ensure good jobs for this and future generations.

United Steel Workers are pushing harder than ever to end a more than 18-month strike at Crown Holdings, which makes most beer cans in Ontario. Crown Holdings is looking for two-tiered employment where younger workers get cheated out of good jobs and benefits, just like The Society fought against in the 2005 Hydro One strike. This campaign includes a “Buy Bottles, Not Cans” boycott to make Crown Holdings pay the price for its efforts to hurt the middle class. Learn more about why you should join the boycott at

Meanwhile, OPSEU is pushing back against the Ontario government’s Social Assistance Management System (SAMS), which has caused low-income Ontarians great hardship. Learn more and support OPSEU’s campaign by writing to your MPP at

In Toronto, CUPE is seeking support for stopping the contracting out of garbage collection in that city. Having already outsourced half of Toronto’s garbage collection, public complaints about the quality of service of the private contractor are up and accountability is down. Sign CUPE’s petition against contracting out at

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