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Society Scholarship Recipients Announced

October 1, 2018

The Society’s scholarship program to support the children of members who are pursuing post-secondary education has been rebooted. This month, the 22 winners of the 2018-19 scholarship were announced.

With more than 180 submissions, the panel of independent adjudicators noted the extraordinary strength and insight demonstrated by this year’s class of applicants. To ensure confidence in the selection process, all submissions were assessed without the applicant’s name by a four-member panel in accordance with an objective marking system. The winning applications received the highest overall scores.

“As a union of professionals, our members have leveraged post-secondary education and training to build challenging and rewarding careers,” said EVP Member Services Andy D’Andrea. “We hope that in supporting our children’s academic pursuits they, too, will have the same or better opportunities.”

In addition to a financial contribution to support their studies, scholarship recipients are invited to join Society leaders at the Society Council dinner on Sunday, November 4.

The 2018-19 Society Scholarship Award winners are:

First Name Last Name
Chris Coady
Zhuo En Dai
Natalie Ermashova
Shannon Gui
Emma Hansen
Erin Hansen
Kelly Dorothea Hines
Jacob Hunsburger
Katrina Jaszkul
Raveena Kapoor
Emma Lawrence
CeCe JiaXi Li
Kimberly Liu
Kyra McAlister
Anamika Mishra
Syed Hasan Zia Naqvi
Neel Patel
Saiyam Patel
Christine Rankin
Sarah Rotella
Mitchell Tyler Simeon
Alexander Yan


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