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Society pleased with Mayor’s decision to keep Toronto Hydro public

November 24, 2016

In response to Mayor John Tory’s November 24, 2016 speech to the Toronto Region Board of Trade that included canceling plans to sell Toronto Hydro, The Society issued the following media release:

Society pleased with Mayor’s decision to keep Toronto Hydro public

TORONTO – The Society of United Professionals today expressed satisfaction with Mayor John Tory’s commitment to cancel plans to sell off part of Toronto Hydro.

“We are pleased to see the Mayor’s statement today, and gratified by the efforts of literally thousands of Toronto residents who phoned, emailed and signed petitions letting their city councilors know they are opposed to privatization,” said Scott Travers, President of The Society.

Travers expressed his thanks and appreciation of the efforts of the work of Our Hydro, the coalition of community and labour organizations. “Today’s announcement is the result of the effective campaign mounted by our partners, who contacted residents across the city, encouraging them to tell their elected representatives our public utility should remain in public, not private, control,” Travers said.

The Society’s campaign included print and online advertising intended to raise public awareness and concern about privatization, and provide support for the neighbourhood campaign activities.

Travers noted there was no financial scenario that would serve the needs of council or the best interests of Toronto residents, so it made no sense to give away control over Toronto Hydro.

“While today’s announcement is great news for Torontonians worried about losing control of their electricity, we will continue to be vigilant in protecting this valuable public resource from any future efforts at privatization,” Travers said.

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