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Society elections see new leaders stepping up in many locals

July 18, 2019

The Society of United Professionals has almost completed its 2018-19 triennial elections, with just one Unit Director election to complete at the Legal Aid Ontario Local.

There were two contested elections for Local Vice President (LVP). Benson Tan won the race to lead the New Horizon System Solutions Local while Dana Fisher becomes the Legal Aid Ontario Local’s first LVP. Other new LVPs include Martin Hastings at IESO, Andre Vorauer at NWMO and Allison Garrod at the recently organized National Judicial Institute Local.

When the Inergi Local held a by-election for its LVP in November 2018 it was decided at the time that the winner would serve the proceeding three-year term. The winner of that election was Judith Logan Junop.

Elections began last fall when members elected their three Principal Officers — President, Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Vice President. The Society has a cascading election system to permit unsuccessful candidates for one office to seek other opportunities to serve members. Following the Principal Officer elections are Local Vice President Elections, which are followed by Unit Director elections. Votes are only held if there is a contested election. Delegates are selected separately by each local through the process outlined in each local’s by-laws.

As no nominations were received for the Unit 45 Unit Director position at the IESO Local, nominations remain open for that position. Contact Elena Medina if you are a member of Unit 45 and are interested in learning more about the position.

Society leaders elected in the 2018-19 elections

Principal Officer    
First Name Last Name Office  
Scott Travers President  
Michelle Johnston Secretary-Treasurer  
Chris Graham Executive Vice President
Local Vice President    
First Name Last Name Local  
Jim Botari Hydro One  
Joseph Fierro OPG  
Dana Fisher LAO  
Mike Gade Bruce Power  
Mahan Habibi Toronto Hydro  
Martin Hastings IESO  
Judith Logan-Junop Inergi  
Robert Mitchell ESA  
Laurie Reid OEB  
Benson Tan New Horizon  
Elan Thomas Kinectrics  
Andre Vorauer NWMO  
Unit Director    
First Name Last Name Local Unit
Ralph Chatoor OPG 01
Ross Mahadeo OPG 02
Sarah Beirnes Bruce Power 03
David Ceksters Bruce Power 04
Nick Nikzadehshirazi OPG 05
Leon Simeon OPG 06
Eric Tiisler Bruce Power 07
Paul Choiniere OPG 08
Joel Barton OPG 10
Lemann Fung IESO 11
Jo-Anne Shannon Inergi 12
James Cheung Hydro One 13
Tracy Miller Hydro One 14
Alanna Gagnon OPG 15
Jim Mastorakos OPG 16
David DaMaren Inergi 17
Phil Dale Kinectrics 18
Frank Szalontai New Horizon 19
Dave Romanowicz OPG 20
Andrew Sandrasagra Toronto Hydro 21
Elias Kyriacou OPG 22
Sophia Fung Kinectrics 23
Ed Hellier OPG 26
Tony Globocki OPG 27
Mike Valentin Vacariu OPG 28
Tracey Widman OPG 29
Audrey Gammon New Horizon 30
Andy Gillis New Horizon 31
Vicki Power Hydro One 32
Daniel Lam Hydro One 34
Rebecca Caron OPG 37
Susi Ahlborn OEB 40
Andre Vorauer NWMO 41
Susan Sloan OPG 43
Inderpreet Dhaliwal Inergi 44
Alika Hendricks LAO 46

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