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Society begins 2018-19 general election cycle

October 1, 2018

With the release of the schedule for the 2018-2019 Society elections and opening of Principal Officer nominations, the 2018-19 Society election cycle is underway. Held every three years, this these elections will see members in all locals vote for Principal Officers, Local Vice Presidents and Unit Directors.

The election schedule sees Principal Officers (PO) selected first, followed by Local Vice Presidents (LVP) and finally Unit Directors (UD). Nominations opened for the three PO positions – President, Secretary-Treasurer and Vice President – on September 24 and close on October 9. The campaign period for PO candidates runs from October 24 to November 14 with voting conducted online between November 15 and December 3.

Similar to the process for Principal Officers, the LVP election schedule runs from November 28 to February 13 while the UD schedule goes from January 29 to March 29.

Click here to download the full election schedule.

In preparation for this election cycle, the Society’s Elections Procedure was reviewed and update. Click here to download the current Elections Procedure.

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