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Retirements, April 2016

April 15, 2016

The Society extends its congratulations and best wishes to the following members who recently retired.

No matter how you decide to spend this next phase of your life, The Society wishes you a long, healthy and happy retirement.

Last Name First Name
Abdo Abdulghani
Ahmed Ameer
Anstie Robert
Baker Alan
Ball Wilfred
Baranowski Tim
Beh Selina
Bies Bart
Biggs Sandra
Blackmore Sharon
Boulerice Marie
Brady Terry
Cameron John
Campbell Gary
Chan Elizabeth
Chan Richard
Chatten Barb
Chau Alan
Chiu Michael
Cope Andy
Davidson Michael
Dharamshi Rita
Ebata Susan
Evans Garry
Farrish Jim
Forndron Steve
Forsyth Ian
Freire Sarah
Gibson Daniel
Haill Andrew
Harrison Cynthia
Hartley Terry
Hattlmann Peter
He Wu-Hai
Higuchi Ratanak
Hughes Derek
Ierullo Tony
Jayawardene Nihal
Kalia Ramesh
Kautzky Ray
Knoll Cathy
Laturski Larry
Lee David
Leo Y-S Columbus
Liu David
Loader Laura
Lum Donald
MacDonald Bill
Mallows Helen
Marcille Steve
Maurice Claude
McIntosh Kerry
McManus Barry
McMillan Meredith
Meysner Andy
Moran Lorraine
Morris Deborah
Morrison Dennis
Moss Janet
Mowle Kevin
Murray Kathy
Nicholls Simon
Nie Lynne
Patterson Doug
Petric Patricia
Pickering Christopher
Pickles Stanley
Pong Maple
Powers Patricia
Price Janice
Rankin Robert
Rolufs Jim
Rose Jill
Rusak Alex
Schramek Peter
Sharp Kevin
Shum Peter
Slugocki Ted
Souzdenkov Mikhail
Sturge Rod
Sunderland Al
Swami Dev
Tan Jit
Teti Domenic
Teti Rosario
Toso Loris
Watt Karen
Wrixon Peter
Yuce Serpil


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