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Health and Safety: 10 Tips for Computer Users

June 29, 2015

Office-based workers typically spend much of their day sitting at a computer. If that sounds like you, here are 10 tips you can use to keep your body feeling well and ready to work.

  1. Maintain good posture by using a chair with a supportive back and keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground or a footrest
  2. Keep frequently used items close by to avoid reaching for them
  3. Position your wrists in a neutral or straight alignment using a pad if necessary
  4. Alternate tasks to avoid repeating the same motion for long periods of time
  5. Position your computer monitor to avoid the need to bend your neck and in such a way that keeps glare off the screen
  6. Maintain a relaxed body while typing and using your mouse
  7. Use the minimum force necessary to type and click — studies show most people use four times the force necessary for these activities
  8. Use a copyholder placed next to your monitor when transcribing text from a hardcopy document
  9. Let your supervisor know as soon as you feel any discomfort from your work environment to ensure you receive the proper support
  10. Take regular breaks, either 1-2 minutes every 15-20 minutes or 5 minutes every hour

If you require any of the tools suggested here, such as a supportive chair, footrest, copyholder or wrist pad, please speak to the supervisor in your workplace.

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