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Darlington Open House 2018 a success

November 27, 2018

The Society was proud to once again have a significant presence at this year’s Darlington Open House to showcase the work done at Darlington and especially on the Darlington refurbishment project. The annual event draws thousands of visitors including school groups, dignitaries and community members.

The event is an excellent opportunity to inform the public about the important work done at the plant and to let people know about the critical role that Society members play in ensuring the reliable, safe and clean generation of made-in-Ontario energy. Among the Society representatives who hosted the union’s booth were OPG Local Vice President Joe Fierro and OPG Unit Directors Paul Choiniere, Ed Hellier, Frank Pearce, Ralph Chatoor and Mike Vacariu.

Have a look at some of this year’s highlights in this video from Ontario Power Generation:

The Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment is Canada’s largest clean energy project. In its 2018 third-quarter report, OPG announced that at the two-year mark of the project the refurbishment remains on time and on budget. In the last quarter, the project team began rebuilding Unit 2 (the first reactor) and installed 480 calandria tubes. Planning for the Unit 3 work is now underway with refurbishment expected to begin on schedule in February 2020.

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