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COVID-19: Support workers campaign

April 16, 2020

Canada’s labour movement has been advocating relentlessly on behalf of workers to ensure those who are affected by all aspects of the COVID-19 crisis receive support. Health and safety for those on the frontlines. Income supports for people who lost jobs. Credit card relief from the big banks for everyone suffering economically. The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) has been on the forefront of a people-first aid package.

Learn more about the CLC’s advocacy at:

So far, the CLC has been effective in its advocacy and has been credited for shaping the Canada Emergency Response Benefit and convincing the Trudeau government to use the HST rebate and Canada Child Benefit to increase support to low- and moderate-income households.

While the big banks have begun to budge on helping affected Canadians there is much more they can and should be doing. Add your voice in support of credit card relief now at

The CLC is also asking workers who are able to donate what they can to the United Way and/or Food Banks Canada. To find out how to contribute to both of these worthy causes, please visit:


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