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April 28 is Day of Mourning

April 20, 2017

All SEP members are encouraged to participate in their local Day of Mourning ceremony. The Day of Mourning is marked on April 28 of each year to commemorate workers killed and injured on the job.

Look for information from your local representatives and employer about the time and location of Day of Mourning ceremonies near you.

This year, SEP is highlighting the importance for preventing injuries before they occur and seeking help promptly if they do. In too many instances injuries that begin as a small nuisance — such as back pain or repetitive stress injuries — get much worse if not receiving the proper medical attention.

2017 is also the 25th anniversary of the Westray mine explosion that killed 26 workers. Amid this catastrophic loss of life, however, came what is known as the Westray Act. This federal law enacted tougher rules for holding corporations and their representatives liable for workers’ fatalities and injuries.

The Westray Act is an example of how while we mourn for the dead we must continue fighting for the health and safety of the living.

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