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We Stand with Ukraine

March 2, 2022

The Society of United Professionals issued the following statement regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine:

The Society of United Professionals stands in solidarity with Ukraine. Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine is illegal under international law, and a grave threat to peace and democracy worldwide.

The Society calls on Canadian governments, non-governmental organizations and individuals to support Ukraine as well as Ukrainians fleeing violence. This support must take many forms, including providing refuge to Ukrainians fleeing Russian violence, sending humanitarian relief to those who remain in Ukraine, working with allies around the world to pressure Russia to end its invasion, and more.

To assist in alleviating the unfolding humanitarian tragedy, yesterday the Society’s Executive Board approved a $10,000 donation to the Red Cross’s Ukraine relief efforts. The Government of Canada has committed to matching funds contributed to the Red Cross for this purpose, up to $10 million. Society members are encouraged to also donate directly to Red Cross at:

Though these are extraordinarily difficult times, our union has been inspired by the acts of resistance, protest, and solidarity we have seen around the world. The courage of the Ukrainian resistance. The thousands of Russians sacrificing their own freedom to protest their autocratic regime’s actions. Europeans opening their homes to provide safe harbour to the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing their homes. Tens of thousands of people taking to the streets in cities around the globe to show solidarity with Ukraine. This is how we will collectively defend democratic values in places near and far.

While the situation in Ukraine warrants the world’s attention and action, the Society is also cognizant of the many conflicts that have created ongoing humanitarian crises in other parts of the world; Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen among them. We urge everyone to support the settlement of refugees the world over and use their voice to push for an end to violent conflict everywhere.

As Albert Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

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