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Toronto Hydro IT Local Bargaining Update

October 2, 2019

Toronto Hydro IT workers, who joined the Society earlier this year, have begun negotiations on their first collective agreement.

In an update to members earlier this month, the bargaining team told members that while they have made progress on administrative issues, negotiations on substantive issues have been slower than expected.

In early September, the Society filed a complaint with the Ontario Labour Relations Board over Toronto Hydro management’s decision to hire contractors rather than bargaining unit members to fill bargaining unit vacancies.

“We know that protecting the integrity of our work is important and with the support of the Society we will fight to protect your rights,” said the bargaining team. “Your Bargaining Team continues to work hard and remains cooperative while also working to protect your interests.”

“While our local has dozens of members, we know that there are more than 8,000 Society members across the province who will have our backs as we work towards a deal that protects our rights, working conditions, and job security.”

Society President Scott Travers and Executive Vice President Chris Graham have pledged to continue to provide the Toronto Hydro IT unit with the resources and support it needs to negotiate a fair first collective agreement for all members.

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