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Toronto Hydro IT held first member meeting

February 13, 2019

Toronto Hydro IT Professionals attended their first union membership meeting on January 17 after winning their certification vote in November. Fifty members turned out for the meeting to talk about next steps in electing their Bargaining Committee and negotiating their first collective agreement.

Society President Scott Travers and Executive Vice President Chris Graham welcomed our new members and provided an overview of the Society. Henry Quach, who has since retired, brought greetings and congratulated the group on their decision to join on behalf of the Toronto Hydro Local, which represents Toronto Hydro engineers. Also in attendance were Toronto Hydro Local Committee members Andrew Sandrasagra and Mohan Habibi.

The Toronto Hydro IT Professionals was the third new group of professionals to join the Society in 2018. If you know anyone you think would benefit from becoming a member of the Society, please contact Michelle LeBlanc at [email protected].

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