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Green Ribbon Panel Proposes Clean Energy, Jobs Strategy

June 29, 2022

The Society was proud to be part of the 2022 Green Ribbon Panel Report launch. The report, which is the result of collaboration between the Society and groups like Bruce Power, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, the Council of the Great Lakes Region, Pollution Probe, the Power Workers' Union, the Nuclear Innovation Institute and others, outlines practical solutions to address climate change and to build a clean economy. 

Society President Michelle Johnston, as part of the Report launch event, participated in a vibrant discussion about the challenges Ontario faces to reach our climate goals and the role that green technology, like nuclear, will play.

The report contain 10 key recommendations:

  1. Prioritize the innovation, optimization and extension of existing baseload generation assets such as nuclear and hydroelectric to secure emissions-free generation and system reliability. 
  2. Advance a pilot project to enable the sale of offset/clean energy credits from carbon-free  nuclear power generation, which displaces fossil fuels, so customers and organizations can achieve their net zero goals  by purchasing these credits.
  3. Support greater deployment of energy storage assets.
  4. Federal and provincial governments should enable policy and regulatory mechanisms wherein siting processes may take place to support the readiness for future clean energy sites.
  5. Recognize that early, ongoing and collaborative engagement with Indigenous  communities is a key element in the success of any energy production project.
  6. Include integrated projects such as those that combine clean electricity—like that  produced by nuclear, hydro, wind and solar power—with hydrogen production, electric vehicles and pumped and battery  storage as a distinct stream within the Federal Canada Infrastructure Bank and Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF).
  7. Continue to position Ontario as a global leader in the development of small modular reactor (SMR) technology by leveraging the leadership position of Ontario Power Generation (OPG) for this first technology deployment at their Darlington site.
  8. Develop a Green Collar Jobs Strategy through high-school and post-secondary programs to build upon Ontario’s major strength in its skilled, diverse labour force to underpin and develop, innovate and execute critical activities and projects.
  9. Prioritize the health of Canadians, air quality and a credible path forward to climate stabilization by investing in clean, lowcarbon energy sources including nuclear, hydro, solar, wind and geothermal power and continue to quantify, as Ontario did through the phase-out of coal, the cost savings to the health care system of pursuing these policies.
  10. Establish Ontario’s brand within the Great Lakes economic region, particularly with clean automotive, advanced manufacturing and electricity generation, as a clean jurisdiction known for sustainable products and net zero leadership.

You can read the entire report here:

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