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Retirements - October 2019

October 2, 2019

The Society of United Professionals congratulates members who have retired since July 15, 2019. If you are retired or expect to retire soon, please consider joining the Society Pensioners' Chapter.


Last Name First Name Company
Aleluia Kathy OPG
Alt Rich Hydro One
Asselstine Paul OPG
Bailey Ronald Hydro One
Bartsch Tracy OPG
Binette Violet OEB
Brathwaite John OPG
Brookes Jim OPG
Brown Craig Bruce Power
Burleigh Jeff OPG
Chan Danny OPG
Chase John OPG
Chawla Anil Toronto Hydro-IT
Cinti Guliana OPG
Cloutier Roger Hydro One
Duque Delio OPG
Eves Douglas Hydro One
Ferguson Tom Bruce Power
Fong Charles OPG
Gallimore Frank OPG
Gallinger Larry OPG
Goetz Susan Bruce Power
Hammond Roger Hydro One
Hasson Todd Bruce Power
Jethava Mahesh OPG
Knight Larry Bruce Power
Lam Siu OPG
Lam Vincent Inergi
Leeson Terry Hydro One
Mansell Jon OPG
Maracle Pete Hydro One
McGuire Brian Hydro One
McKendry Mark Hydro One
Mejaski Michelle OPG
Nagel Edward Hydro One
Nastich Jeff Hydro One
Nasu Elsi OPG
Noble-Bates Carolyn Hydro One
Ognibene Carrie-Lynn Hydro One
Ohab Waz OPG
Paplinskie Karen OPG
Penner Maxwell OPG
Perreault Mark Hydro One
Pitre Gerry Hydro One
Prigge Stephen OPG
Schell George Bruce Power
Sethi Sidharth OPG
Shaver Bill OPG
Siekierski Richard Bruce Power
Szilagyi Dennes OPG
Timms Patti Hydro One
Tozios Dave OPG
Whalen Brent OPG
Wood Doug Bruce Power
Yorgiadis Angela Hydro One


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