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Retirements: May 2021

May 21, 2021

Congratulations to all members who recently retired.

Last Name First Name Local
Ambeau Steve OPG
Bodnar Blake Hydro One
Bourguignon Marina Inergi
Carey Mike Hydro One
Caughey Dennis OPG
D'Andrea Andy OPG
Fox Dave OPG
Fyfe Charles OPG
George Steve Hydro One
Gooch Stephen IESO
Kanmacher Rod Bruce Power
Karapas Igor Bruce Power
Ko Simon OPG
Laberge Solange OPG
Mahdi Shohre OPG
McCann Tim Hydro One
McNeill Stacey OPG
Moore Glen Hydro One
Nistor Ioan New Horizon
Owens David OPG
Pepper Bill Hydro One
Ritchie Andy Bruce Power
Rowat Lyle OPG
Sheeler Geoff Hydro One
Sparks Mary OPG
Umbrico Anthony OPG
Warner Kathy Hydro One
Watterworth Lillian Bruce Power

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