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Retirements: Summer 2023

August 28, 2023

Congratulations to all Society members who recently retired. The Society wishes you all best on a long and healthy retirement.

Last Name First Name Company
Baroutis Peter Toronto Hydro
Bennett Vicky OPG
Bollen Lori Bruce Power
Booker Mark Hydro One
Brown Alan Bruce Power
Cecchini Terry OPG
Cunningham Brian OPG
Deaconu Roxana OPG
Desai Madhusudan OPG
Douel John Bruce Power
Edwards Brian OPG
Faulkner David Hydro One
Finney Michele Hydro One
Fritz Lisa Bruce Power
Garcia Gowie NWMO
Goslar Mike OPG
Harrison Susan IESO
Heath Wayne Hydro One
Jeppesen Brenda OPG
Kamstra Patricia IESO
Karmanov Elena Bruce Power
Kay Joanne OPG
Keeling Jim OPG
Khoral Paramjeet OPG
Kokotsis Ella IESO
Kraemer Marianne Bruce Power
Kuznetsova Irina OEB
Lad Dilip IESO
Laforet Richard Bruce Power
Marijan Chris OEB
McIntosh Paul Bruce Power
O'Hagan Jack Hydro One
Ouellette Carole OPG
Rawlings Greg Bruce Power
Self James Bruce Power
Shular Rick Bruce Power
Sobchak Gary OPG
Tallett Chris Bruce Power
Townes Brian OPG
Twomey Colleen OPG
Vandenberg Lisa Bruce Power

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