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Retirements - April to July 2019

July 18, 2019

The Society of United Professionals congratulates members who have retired since April 2019. If you are retired or expect to retire soon, please consider joining the Society Pensioners' Chapter.

Last Name First Name Company
Aita Dui OPG
Antoniazzi Armando Kinectrics
Araujo James OPG
Beaudoin John New Horizon
Bennett Elfie OPG
Brickenden Lisa OEB
Buhay Stan Amec NSS Ltd
Callan Kathleen IESO
Campbell Ian Hydro One
Carmichael James OPG
Chambers Fred OPG
Chan Norman OPG
Collins Bob IESO
Conlin Stephen OPG
Daniell Geetha Toronto Hydro
Durso Pauline Hydro One
Elder Jim Inergi
Fedorowicz Rick OPG
Feeney Gary OPG
Foulds Matthew OPG
Gillard Debbie OPG
Glanville Cathryne IESO
Graham John Hydro One
Hale Peter OPG
Hastie Andrew OPG
Hastie Louise OPG
Hauch Murray OPG
Hawley Chris OPG
Hayes Debbie Bruce Power
Heinonen Karen OPG
Henry Patricia OPG
Higgs Joan Bruce Power
Hlinka Carl Bruce Power
Karmanov Alexandre Bruce Power
Karski Wes OPG
Knutson Andrea OPG
Larocque Mark OPG
Lau Stanley OPG
Lesychyn Michael OEB
MacDonald Judy OPG
Magee W. Jason OPG
Mann Karla IESO
Markland Tim OPG
Milani Armando Hydro One
Mock Jane Hydro One
Moss Janet LAO
Moum Gregory OPG
Newar Rich OPG
Palko Ron Bruce Power
Pette Steve Bruce Power
Primeau Gregg Bruce Power
Ramachandran Cadavallur OPG
Sheppard Wendell Brookfield Power Trust
Sloos Kelvin OPG
St. Martin Alain OPG
Strauss Paul OPG
Taylor Martin Bruce Power
Thorn Janice Hydro One
Tingle Warren Hydro One
Tracey Joan ESA
Van Beek Mark OPG
Vanderbeek Fred Hydro One
Wilken Karen Bruce Power
Wong Maureen OPG
Zakhem George OPG
Zarifian Varoojan OPG




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