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NWMO Local is strengthening rural communities

September 10, 2019

As union members, we take great care for the communities we live and work in. This summer our NWMO Local is proud to support a variety of organizations that are making life better and stronger in these communities. In that spirit we donated a total of $9,000 to the Lions of Formosa, Teeswater Agricultural Society, and Kinloss Kairshea Women’s Institute in Bruce County. These agencies build community, protect the land and ensure our community’s most vulnerable are taken care of. We were also proud to contribute $5,000 to the Mary Berglund Community Health Centre in Ignace, a community 250km north-west of Thunder Bay.

Kinloss Kairshea Women's Institute

The local branch of the venerable Federation of Women's Institutes of Ontario was founded in 1947. FWIO offers educational programming and community support; advocating for social, environmental and economic change and working towards the personal growth of all women, for home and country. Our $5,000 contribution will support the local branch's health initiatives.

Lions of Formosa

The Formosa Lions Club is a local lynchpin to which Society members contributed $2,000. The Club is a social hub, providing both outdoor recreation opportunities and community dinners, dances and more that bring people together and foster the tight-knit community Formosa is known for.

Teeswater Agricultural Society

This vital organization runs the annual Teeswater Fair, an opportunity to display the area's agricultural accomplishments and bring people together for a fun and educational weekend. We are pleased to have contributed $2,000 to help with the cost of the fair.

Mary Berglund Community Health Centre

Ignace residents have difficulty accessing quality, affordable fresh produce. Our $5,000 donation will support this organization's food bank and food distribution program, as well as an expansion of its community garden program.


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