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New report discusses future of nuclear in Canada

February 3, 2014

A new report by the Public Policy Forum on the future of nuclear in Canada was published last month. Co-sponsored by The Society, the report charts a course for the Canadian nuclear industry in light of recent sub-national, national and international trends.

Public Policy Forum concluded that the industry needs to work closely together to improve research and development of new nuclear technologies, build new alliances with untraditional allies in the environmental movement, and use funding models pioneered in other jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom.

Titled Canada’s Nuclear Energy Sector: Where do we go from here?, Public Policy Forum consulted with experts in the field to assist its research. The Society’s Scott Travers (president), Dave Myette (Bruce LVP), Daniel Gibson (OPG Unit Director), and Mike Belmore (External Relations Officer) all provided their input.

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