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Inergi CSO Members Return to Hydro One

October 1, 2018

Former Society Inergi CSO members have now been fully integrated into Hydro One. The customer service operations staff had been employed directly by Hydro One until the work was contracted out in an attempt to cut costs.

Prior to the September 1, 2018 transition deadline the Society reached agreement with Hydro One regarding the mapping of former Society CSO active members from their former CSO (Hay Plan) positions to Hydro One (Plan A) positions. The Hydro One Local is happy to announce that all members were mapped to a 35 hour work week (from their previous 37.5 hour work week) at or above their former CSO weekly pay rates. All Society-represented members (current members, former members, retirees and deferred pensioners) will have their pensions and OPEB liability assumed by Hydro One (pending FISCO approval of asset transfers). When the agreement is fully executed, pensions will be administered under a “one-cheque” system from Hydro One.

This completes the repatriation process that started over one year ago.

“We would like to thank all members for their patience and trust in our leadership team while this transition took place,” said Hydro One Local Vice President Jim Botari on behalf of the Local Committee.

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