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Hydro One RFP update

March 26, 2014

More than a decade ago, Hydro One outsourced a number of functions, including IT and its call centres. The winning bidder was Inergi, which subcontracted some work to Vertex. With the current contract coming to its end, the government wanted to do a full request for proposals (RFP) process.

Among the requirements included in the RFP process as a result of a settlement between the Power Workers’ Union and Hydro One was that each bidder had to reach an agreement with the unions that represent the workers currently performing this work (The Society and the Power Workers’ Union). However, the settlement reached by PWU also gave Hydro One the option to return to the issue to the arbitrator if none of the bids received were deemed commercially viable. Hydro One has chosen to take the matter back to the arbitrator. Consequently, the RFP process is on hold pending the outcome of an arbitration hearing that took place on March 21.

Prior to the RFP process being paused, through many weeks of work, The Society reached agreements with some of the RFP bidders. Though all details are strictly confidential to protect the integrity of the RFP process, The Society had three priorities when it entered into the process: protect workers’ bargaining rights, protect the jobs of current members, and protect existing wages and benefits.

Members will receive updates as The Society can provide them.

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