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Hundreds turn out for Bruce bargaining meeting

December 12, 2014

More than 300 Bruce Power Local members turned out to a membership meeting and social on December 10 to receive an update on collective agreement negotiations and support their bargaining team.

The Bruce Power Local is asking members to continue showing their support for the bargaining team in the workplace as talks ramp up.

While progress is being made, the bargaining team led by Local Vice President Mike Gade, says that wearing black t-shirts on Mondays and wearing buttons and displaying Society water bottles every day is sending the message to management loud and clear: The Society won’t accept an unfair deal. At the meeting, desk tents were also distributed and members are asked to display them. If you haven’t received one, contact your local representative.

travers gade bruce

LVP Gade also provided an overview of bargaining, describing the key issues that remain unresolved for our members.  Some of the main issues are:

  • Fair and equitable pay treatment in comparison to PWU represented employees.
  • Access to development and growth opportunities via more challenging MP5 and MP6 positions
  • Access to voluntary overtime before our work is contracted out
  • Ability for members to participate in interesting and challenging refurbishment work
  • Maintaining access to internal job opportunities that support the growth and development of Society members.

The membership meeting included remarks from Society president Scott Travers, who conveyed the support of Society members across the province. The Bruce Power Local has also seen added support from IFPTE organizers, including a commitment from the international union to do what it takes to win a fair deal.

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