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Darlington Unit 2 Returns to 100% Full Power

June 4, 2020

As Darlington Generating Station’s Unit 2 returns to 100% full power, the Society of United Professionals congratulates its over 200 members working on theDarlington Unit 2 Refurbishment project and the entire Ontario Power Generation team on an extraordinary milestone. Darlington Unit 2 is now equipped to provide Ontario homes and businesses with affordable, reliable, greenhouse gas-emissions-free energy until 2050.

Rebuilding Unit 2 involved 10 years of planning while the project began in 2016. Unit 2 refurbishment entailed 24 million person-hours worked, including 765,000 hours of training. Training included working inside a mock reactor to practice the most complex tasks before undertaking them on the actual reactor. This led to greater efficiency and enhanced worker safety.

Unit 2 is the first of four units that will be rebuilt over the coming decade. The refurbishment project remains on budget and has only experienced a minor delay due to COVID-19 delays for Unit 3. The Unit 3 rebuild was expected to begin in May but will now begin in September.

The full four-unit refurbishment effort is expected to generate $90 billion in economic benefits and 14,200 jobs annually for Ontario.

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