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Clarington mayor brought message of support to OPG Local Council

November 6, 2017

Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster took time out of his busy schedule to speak at the October 30 OPG Local Council meeting. The Mayor brought strong words of support for OPG workers and encouraged the members gathered to leverage their strong numbers to advocate for their industry.

“People don’t know all of the work that goes into being able to flick a light switch and have the lights turn on,” said Foster. “Your work is a tremendous contribution to the province.”

Society President Scott Travers had recently met with the mayor during municipal lobbying efforts in support of the Pickering 2024 life extension campaign. It was the mayor’s strong knowledge and commitment to the nuclear industry that led Travers to extend an invitation to the mayor to speak at OPG Local Council.

“We had a very positive discussion, not just about Pickering but about the industry as a whole,” Travers said in his introduction of the mayor. “We are looking forward to building on this relationship to create better partnerships with important municipalities.”

Mayor Foster also highlighted the importance of the medical applications of the work done at Ontario’s nuclear facilities, reminding members to think of the people who have been touched and healed by nuclear medicine.

The mayor had an important takeaway message to delegates about the importance of engagement, stressing that there are many people who are interested in spreading misleading information about the nuclear industry.

“Remember, as an industry you are 80,000 strong,” Foster told assembled delegates. “You have tremendous power to advocate – and you should.”

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