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AFL-CIO Elects Experienced, Diverse Leadership

September 28, 2021

The AFL-CIO, America’s federation of labour unions, held elections last month to replace the late Richard Trumka, the AFL-CIO President who passed away in early August. 

The election put in place the most diverse leadership team in the organization’s history. Liz Schuler was elected president, the first woman to hold the position. Schuler worked as an organizer for IBEW Local 125, later moving up the ranks in the IBEW before becoming the Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO in 2009.

Schuler is joined by Fred Redmond, who was elected to the Secretary-Treasurer position, the first African American to hold the position, and Tefere Gebre in the Executive Vice-President role.

IFPTE President Matt Biggs said of the election, "IFPTE was proud to support Sister Shuler's candidacy and is extremely pleased that she will be leading our movement. Having worked with President Shuler for many years, I know firsthand that she is the exact right person to lead us during such a pivotal time in our history. Workers have a champion in Liz as AFL-CIO President."

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