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Women’s March

January 17, 2017

Communities across the globe, including some in Ontario, will march on Saturday, January 21 to unite and speak out against acts of hate that have become more frequent since Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States. The Women’s Marches — led by women and welcoming of all genders — is also a proactive declaration that people all over the world will support those who fear the violence Donald Trump has threatened, be they Muslims, Jews, racialized people, Indigenous people, migrants and those with precarious or no legal status, members of the LGBTTQQ2SI communities, disabled people and/or women.

Ontario events

In Ontario, The Society is aware of the following events Women’s March events:

Women’s March Hamilton – Meeting at Hamilton City Hall Forecourt at 12 noon on January 21st.

Women’s March St Catherines – Meeting at City Hall at 10:00am on January 21st.

Women’s March Toronto – Meeting at Queen’s Park at noon on January 21st, then marching to the US Consulate on University Avenue and ending at Dundas Square

Women’s March Ottawa – Meeting at 11:00am at the Human Rights Monument, corner of Lisgar and Elgin Sts., then march to Library & Archives Canada

Go to Washington

The global Women’s March events are organized independently but inspired by the march organized for Washington, DC, where women and allies will demonstrate at the U.S. Capitol. Labour and other groups are organizing buses and lodging from Toronto, London and Windsor for anyone interested in attending. Space is limited. Details are available at

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