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The Society supports education workers

September 11, 2015

Ontario’s education workers, represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), are taking their largest job action ever to win a fair contract from the provincial government — and they have The Society of United Professionals’ full support.

“The Society supports education workers because they’re a vital part of every community, work hard to keep our schools great, and deserve respect just like every other worker,” said President Scott Travers. “We are proud to stand with CUPE and demand a fair deal for education workers.”

The 55,000 CUPE-represented women and men perform vital work that support students’ learning and keep schools safe in the province’s English, French, public and Catholic schools. Education workers include educational assistants, custodians, office administrators, early childhood educators, IT specialists, trades people, and pathologists.

These workers are among the lowest-paid in the education system. Many of them are seasonal workers that face layoffs every summer, forcing them on to Employment Insurance or to find temporary work between school years. Three years ago, when education workers tried to win better working conditions, the provincial government legislated away their collective bargaining rights with the widely criticized Bill 115. And, wage freezes mean that the already modest wages that education workers receive have deteriorated due to inflation.

Society members are urged to contact their Member of Provincial Parliament via e-mail and social media to let them know that education workers deserve a fair deal.

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