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Tell the federal government to support new CANDUs

The government of Canada is investing in many forms of clean technology, including small modular nuclear reactors. But there is a notable omission that will prevent Canada from reaching its goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. CANDU nuclear technology is excluded from the 30% investment tax credit that other clean technologies may receive.


CANDU is the technology that the entire Canadian nuclear fleet is built on. Pickering, Darlington and Bruce nuclear generating stations all deploy CANDU reactors. As a result, CANDU is the technology that the Canadian nuclear supply chain is built to support.

To reach its net-zero emissions goal, Canada will need to double or triple its energy output, and all of that energy must be zero-emission. That scale of zero-emission energy generation cannot be met by hydro and renewables alone. With thousands of megawatts of nuclear required, full-sized, CANDU nuclear generating stations will need to play a significant role.

That is why the Society of United Professionals is joining Canadians committed to the country's sustainable, prosperous future to support a new petition calling for the inclusion of CANDU technology in the clean technology tax credit program. The Society urges all members to sign the petition and share it with their colleagues, friends and families.

Sign the petition now at: