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Support striking workers, boycott Molson Coors

February 14, 2017

The Society of United Professionals is expressing solidarity with and support for the striking Canadian Union of Brewery and General Workers Component 325. The strike began January 12 after their employer, Molson Coors Canada, refused to negotiate a fair and reasonable collective agreement.

The 320 workers are on strike because the company is demanding a 7% pay cut and a rollback of pensions and benefits. This is at a company whose CEO rakes in $6 million a year while workers like CUBGW’s members make a modest $50,000 per year.

Robert Folk, president of the union, said management is “trying to eliminate the middle class” with the concessions they are demanding.

To support the striking workers, SEP members are asked to boycott all Molson Coors products. Members can also show their solidarity by visiting the picket line at 33 Carlingview Dr. in Etobicoke.

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