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Society Member Running for MP in Scarborough North

Society member Yan Chen stepped up to run in the October 21 federal election.

A member of the Society’s Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic Local, Chen is a community legal worker who serves low-income, non-English speaking clients from Ontario’s Chinese, Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian communities. She has worked on behalf of vulnerable Chinese and Southeast Asian Ontarians for the past decade, including on housing, immigration and refugee issues.

Chen said that she was inspired to run for office because, growing up in working-class immigrant family, she saw how hard it is for people to make ends meet with the skyrocketing cost of living while their wages are stagnant. Chen chose to run for the NDP, she says, because she believes that under leader Jagmeet Signh the affordability crisis will addressed through ambitious medicare expansions like head-to-toe health care that includes dental, vision and mental health, as well as universal pharmacare.

For more information about Yan Chen and to sign-up to donate or volunteer with her campaign, please visit