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SEP stands with Toronto waste collectors for good jobs

January 26, 2017

Toronto mayor John Tory is on an ideological crusade to privatize more waste collection jobs even though it’s bad for workers, bad for the environment and even bad taxpayers.

The Society is standing with Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 416 to demand that Mayor Tory pay attention to the evidence that shows public waste collection serves Toronto better and end his bid for privatization. SEP expressed this position to Tory in a letter dated January 25, 2017.

“Further privatizing waste collection is a poor decision from ethical, environmental and fiscal perspectives,” wrote SEP president Scott Travers. “(Society members) look at the facts and make logical decisions. That is not so different from the reputation you seek for yourself. So I must tell you that in this case you are allowing politics to cloud reason. Rather than move forward on an ideological basis, I urge you to do what is right for the City and its workers: stop the privatization of waste collection in (Scarborough).”

Click here to read Travers’s full letter to Mayor Tory.

Society members are also encouraged to support CUPE 416 members by signing their petition at Any member available to attend the Toronto City Council meeting on January 31, 2017 where this issue will be decided is encouraged to do so on their coffee break. City Council meetings are held at 100 Queen St. W. in the third floor council chamber, beginning at 10AM.

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