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SEP members support DGR

April 20, 2017

As decision-makers get closer to a verdict over where low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste will be stored, SEP members are speaking up in support of OPG’s top-rated site in Kincardine.

In a CTV W5 television special [click to watch] on OPG’s plan to build a deep geologic repository (DGR) 680 meters below ground, SEP members Mike Gade, the Bruce Power Local Vice President, and Emily Ferreira were among the many Kincardine area residents who spoke in support of DGR. While the mayor and council of Kincardine have long supported hosting the DGR, opposition has largely come from seasonal residents and people from outside the region.

DGR support

“Supporting the DGR is good for all members,” said Gade. “It is a big piece of the puzzle for nuclear because it’s a solution for the waste question.”

You can show your support for DGR by contacting your local Member of Provincial Parliament and Member of Parliament.

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