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Retirements – June 2017

June 27, 2017

Congratulations to all retirees. The Society of United Professionals wishes you a long, happy and healthy next phase of your life. The following members recently retired:

Last Name First Name Company
Arril James OPG
Babcock Tim IESO
Bahra Devinder Hydro One
Bajwa Bhupinder OPG
Bessada Ebeid OPG
Boyle Jim Hydro One
Carlson Cindy OPG
Ciociola Angelo OPG
Cleary Grant OPG
Cox Kris Hydro One
Crowe Sherri Hydro One
Dawson Mike Hydro One
Ellison Brad OPG
Erkelens Ann Marie Hydro One
Fudge Daniel Hydro One
Ghanbari Rezvan OPG
Gibbings Mike Hydro One
Heaney Sean OPG
Hillier Janine OPG
Holliday Karl Hydro One
Kerrigan Bill OPG
Kline Heather IESO
L’Ecuyer Clay OPG
Lee Charlie Hydro One
Lobo Glenn Inergi
Maynard Paul Hydro One
McLaughlin-Shaw Nancy OPG
Meeks Barry Hydro One
Moorey Paul Hydro One
Mulholland Janice Inergi CSO
Parke Kelly New Horizon
Reasbeck Keith Hydro One
Segu Jasvinder OPG
Soles Bradford OPG
Tebby Sandra Hydro One
Tejada Ed Hydro One
Thomas Renny Inergi
Thurston Susan OPG
Trumbley Eric Hydro One
Varma Bharat Inergi
Venditti Del OPG
Waller Ron OPG


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