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January 28, 2016

The Society extends its congratulations and best wishes to the following members who recently retired.

No matter how you decide to spend this next phase of your life, The Society wishes you a long, healthy and happy retirement.

Last Name First Name Company
Antonette Bruce Bruce Power
Chappell Tim OPG
Conde Elisabeth OPG
Cormier Karen OEB
Cruise Brian OPG
Edison Gerard OPG
Fair John OPG
Freeman Shelley OPG
George Dale OPG
Giroux Yvan OPG
Gribbons Penny Bruce Power
Janssen Cornelis OPG
Kennedy Pat OPG
Lahaie Jean-Guy OPG
Leach Sean OPG
Luyten Ed Bruce Power
Lyons Joan Bruce Power
Ma Alfa Kinectrics
Macleod Don OPG
Matachniouk Danil Bruce Power
Murawsky Wendy Bruce Power
Nayler Garry OPG
Nivi Hassan OPG
Patenaude Rick OPG
Przybylowski Eric OPG
Smith Glen OPG
Therrien Daniel OPG
Turcotte Brock Bruce Power
Waller Sharon OPG
Wright Paul Bruce Power
Cabel Graham Hydro One
Cabral Joseph OPG
Chu Steve OPG
Edwards Douglas OPG
Erwin Colin Inergi
Fraser Shelagh OPG
Gilchrist Don OPG
Gribbons Patrick Bruce Power
Hartmann Bruce OPG
Hervieux Paul Bruce Power
Hunter Ian OPG
Jackson Ross OPG
Joseph Carlyle OPG
McConnell John OPG
Miller Ruth Bruce Power
Morison Murray Bruce Power
Mueller David OPG
Prue Peter OPG
Pugh Mike OPG
Ramdeen Krishna OPG
Stankovic Dragutin Inergi
Svarovsky Linda OPG
Vacca Mario OPG
Wong Tom OPG
Abelardo Ron OPG
Djokic Sveta Hydro One
Fournier Jeff OPG
Hassam Aenil OPG
Ibrahim Shoukry OPG
Luymes Rick Bruce Power
Nawar Khalil OPG
Rattai Keith Hydro One
Rungta Krishna OPG
Seppala David OPG
Babik Peter Hydro One
Beaupre Dennis Hydro One
Booth David Hydro One
Borden Russ Bruce Power
Casciano Joseph Bruce Power
Davis Thomas OPG
Dickson Lee OPG
Elasigue Danny Inergi
Fryday David Bruce Power
Fuller Susan Bruce Power
Griffin Jan ESA
Hatten Bill Bruce Power
Hodgson Rick Bruce Power
Keating Pat Inergi
Kulik Bogdan Bruce Power
Leifso Brad Bruce Power
Li Josie OPG
Lin Thompson OPG
McConnell Nancy Bruce Power
McLaughlin Karl Bruce Power
McPhee Kerry OPG
McRae Dan OPG
Mohamed Mary Inergi
Morrison Crawford Amec NSS Ltd
Neumueller Joe Hydro One
Newsham Nigel Bruce Power
Olender Brian Hydro One
Paige Mynona Bruce Power
Phillips John Bruce Power
Snowdon Paul Bruce Power
Summers Kathleen OPG
Williams Catherine Bruce Power
Wittmann Dave Inergi
Wood Christopher OPG
Woodcroft Warren Inergi
Wyvill Jim Bruce Power
Yeap Gwan OPG
Zong Rong Inergi

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