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Results of Hydro One outsourcing agreement

April 10, 2015

In negotiations on the RFP for Hydro One’s new commercial contract, The Society secured most of the existing members’ jobs, and a voluntary separation package for the 25 jobs that were lost. Inergi LP, the winner of the new RFP, has also won work previously performed by Vertex Customer Management, resulting in a name change for one Society local.

On March 1, 2015 Inergi LP began the new commercial contract to provide Services to Hydro One. Inergi LP was successful in winning the RFP and retaining all of the services it provided during the previous Commercial Contract. Inergi LP currently provides services like Application Management, Infrastructure, Finance, Payroll, BPO, Project Management, Settlements and Supply Chain. In addition to the existing services, Inergi LP was also the successful bidder for the Customer Service Operations (CSO) portion of the RFP. The CSO work was previously done by Vertex Customer Management.

During the negotiations of the RFP, The Society was able to secure the transfer of Society represented employees from Vertex to Inergi LP. This transfer of employees has resulted in the renaming of the Society Vertex Local to the Society Inergi-CSO Local.

While the awarding of the RFP contract to Inergi LP is good news for our members because it secured their employment for the next several years, it has come with a cost of some Society jobs. Inergi LP won a competitive, cost-driven RFP, which has resulted in some downsizing within the Inergi Local. A voluntary separation package (VSP) has been offered by Inergi LP in targeted areas to those in the Inergi Local. The result of the VSP is the loss of 25 Society jobs, mainly in the area of Applications Management. Local leadership fears that, with the work still required, Inergi LP will backfill many of what were formerly Society positions with contractors from Inergi LP’s parent company Cap Gemini.

Inergi LP is a subsidiary of Cap Gemini, which also owns New Horizons. The three Society locals whose members work for Cap Gemini companies — Inergi, Inergi-CSO and New Horizons — represent over 500 members.

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