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Rally for Decent Work Attended by 5,000 People

October 20, 2016

Five thousand Ontarians flocked to Queen’s Park on October 1 to rally for better working conditions for all workers. More than 60 people were part of The Society’s contingent, including members, pensioners and their families.

More than 45 communities were represented, including Ottawa, Lindsay, Sudbury and London.

The rally showed public support for the campaign to change the Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Act to make it easier to join a union, improve conditions of work for women and men across the full spectrum of job in the province, and in particular address the growing problem of precarious work.

“I would like to thank everyone who came out on Oct 1st, and who helped get people to the rally,” said Society president Scott Travers, who led the union’s contingent at the rally. “Labour had over 5,000 people out, including more than 60 from The Society and sent we strong message.”

“The push for improvements to labour legislation will go on over many months to come. Major changes are needed, and important changes like this do not come easily. I will be asking members to participate in more events in the future that show our support for these key issues.“

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