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President’s tour wraps up

July 26, 2017

As part of his efforts to connect directly with SEP members and train more member in how to lobby their elected officials, President Scott Travers did a tour of 10 member meetings across the province.

Travers visited Barrie, Burlington, Kincardine, Napanee, Niagara, Ottawa, Oshawa, Pickering, Toronto and Thunder Bay.

While meetings ranged in size from five to more than 50, Travers said the most valuable part was having meetings that brought people together based on where they live rather than where they work.

“Whether you’re in Kincardine where we have members who work at Bruce Power, OPG, NWMO and NSS, or in Thunder Bay where we have OPG, Hydro One and Legal Aid, it’s great to have members come together to meet, share their experiences and build a bond,” said Travers.

Travers also noted the strong participation of the pensioner community and their willingness to stand up to support active members.

Though members had the chance to bring up issues they are dealing with in their workplaces, the primary focus was on how to influence decision-makers at the provincial government. Travers explained why.

“Queen’s Park is having a huge influence on so many of our members now,” said Travers. “Whether it is through the Long Term Energy Plan and supply mix and transmission decisions, tax policy and funding of essential services, changes to the labour relations laws, net zero bargaining, pension reform or any number of other topics, it’s all coming from the legislature.”

“Having engaged members like those who attended these sessions builds the strength of our union and helps protect our jobs.”

With such a strong response from members, Travers is already planning future tours.

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