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OPG, Hydro One Review Announced

April 30, 2014

A message from President Scott Travers

Ontario Minister of Finance Charles Sousa announced the establishment of the Premier’s Advisory Council on Government Assets on April 11th. The Council will review opportunities to “maximize the potential” of three key government agencies, including Ontario Power Generation and Hydro One.

The Society was given an advance briefing on this announcement. The Society was told that the purpose of this process is to generate additional revenues for the government. In that same briefing, senior officials emphasized that privatization is not the government’s preference. This may mean that the companies are allowed to expand their revenue options. OPG and Hydro One may, for example, be permitted to participate in projects that they have previously been prevented from engaging in if it means a better bottom line for the province of Ontario.

The Council presents opportunities and challenges that The Society will closely monitor. We have been assured that The Society and other stakeholders will have the chance to provide input into this process as it moves forward. The Society will ensure your voices are heard by the Council.

I will continue to provide updates to members as more information becomes available. Please contact your local leadership if you have any questions or comments.

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