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MPP Forster visited Bruce

September 29, 2015

Member of Provincial Parliament Cindy Forster visited the Bruce Power site for a tour with representatives of the company and The Society. Forster, who represents Welland and serves as the NDP’s caucus chair and Labour Critic, learned about the way nuclear energy is generated, and the role it plays in Ontario’s energy mix and economy.

Bruce Power site tour

Following the tour, Forster met with Society members to hear the workers’ perspective.

“It feels good to be able to show lawmakers what our industry does,” said Bruce Power LVP Mike Gade. “Queen’s Park supports nuclear but I don’t know that they really appreciate how it works and what it takes to make these plants run, whether it’s Bruce or OPG. I’m glad to be able to take MPPs like Ms. Forster around and show them what we do.”

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