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Make your vote count

Just past the midway point of the longest election campaign in modern Canadian history, it’s time for Society members to make sure that they are prepared to vote on October 19.

In addition to researching the policies of the various parties and learning about local candidates, members are encouraged to make sure that they are registered to vote.

Due to changes by the Harper government, it will be more difficult to vote than it used to be if an elector is not already registered. While many people will receive a voting card in the mail from Elections Canada, if you have not received one or have moved residences since the 2011 federal election, visit Election Canada’s web site to confirm your registration by clicking here.

The Society has not endorsed a party in the election. However, it is supporting one specific candidate: Matthew Kellway. Kellway is the incumbent NDP MP for Beaches – East York in the east end of Toronto. Prior to entering public office Kellway was a staff officer at The Society so the union is confident he shares many of the views and values of The Society. To donate or contribute your time to Kellway’s re-election campaign, visit his web site by clicking here.