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IFPTE News: DC-area judges under attack

July 26, 2017

Courtesy: IFPTE staff

The members of IFPTE Judicial Council 3 – administrative judges employed by the municipal government in Washington, DC  are under attack by management once again. After a long battle to form a union while fighting a corrupt boss who was eventually charged with wrongdoing and terminated in 2014, the Office of Administrative Hearings’ (OAH) new management is no better.

After a labor dispute earlier this year, management is seeking to fire the President of JC3, Judge Jesse Goode, solely based on his union activities during and after forming their union. Making matters worse, Judge Goode was threatened by their agency’s General Counsel, Vanessa Natale, who bragged about her father being a mob boss.

Judicial Council 3’s report of management attacks has been reported on in the American media.

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