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Government announces climate change plan

November 30, 2015

The Ontario government continued to articulate its vision for addressing climate change in a November 24 announcement at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

Energy is a key aspect of all climate change strategies so The Society is monitoring the file closely and engaging with the government as needed. Members are invited to submit any ideas they have on The Society’s approach on climate change advocacy to

The steps the government announced it will take include:

  • Introducing climate legislation that, if passed, would establish a long-term framework for action and make the cap and trade program law in Ontario.
  • Integrating climate change mitigation and adaptation considerations into government decision-making and infrastructure planning.
  • Introducing changes to government operations, procurement, employee training, building retrofits and in other areas to help Ontario move towards carbon neutrality.
  • Developing a coordinated approach to reduce emissions from new and existing buildings.
  • Reducing emissions from transportation by promoting the uptake of zero emission and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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