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The Society of United Professionals is entrusted with members’ dues. With that privilege comes the responsibility to ensure members’ dues are spent responsibly and with the utmost transparency.

The Society of United Professionals exercises this responsibility using the Management Control Framework. The MCF is comprised of a series of policies related to how and which expenses are incurred, approved and reported. The MCF is presently under review by United Professionals’ Finance Committee.

The Society of United Professionals’ budget and work plan is set at the beginning of every fiscal year by the Executive Board, and followed throughout the year.

Every member of a Society of United Professionals bargaining unit — whether a member of the Society or not — is entitled to a copy of the Audited Financial Statement (must be logged in) for the last year audited. Members who are logged on can view the current audit on the site. Non-members can obtain a copy of the audit by request from the United Professionals office.

View Financial Reports (login required)